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Here you'll find questions and answers to some of our most frequently asked questions. If you don't find the answer to your question below, feel free to contact us and we'll be happy to help!


What is the difference between a single reed and double reed call? A single reed call is going to be a little more versatile for a more experienced caller. Considering there is only one reed to move, it will require less air to operate and have a larger range of sound than a double reed. ​Many callers, both experienced and beginners, appreciate a double reed for the ease of obtaining a more raspy "mother-hen" sound. While this covers the basic difference between a single and double reed call, we pride ourselves on ALL of our calls (single reed or double reed) being easy to run for beginners and experienced callers alike.


Do Goey Calls run wet? We put a lot of time in research and development to provide calls that run in all weather conditions. Our calls have been run from the coldest weather conditions in Canada to warmer climates in South Florida. Be it rain, sleet, snow or a caller who produces a lot of moisture when they run a call, Goey Calls have stood up to the test. ​


How do I tune my Goey Call? All of our calls leave the shop tuned to run great right out of the package. Duck calls are much easier to clean and tune than goose calls. We suggest only experienced callers disassemble a goose call​. If you wish to clean or tune a duck call, make sure the reed is all the way back against the wedge slot and that the wedge is pushed down all the way flush against the bottom. Keep in mind that the longer the reed, the deeper the sound will be, while also requiring more air to run. The shorter the reed the higher the sound will be, while requiring less air to run. Before disassembling a goose call, we recommend marking the reed height setting with a pencil first. The top of the reed must fall into the tone channel to properly turn over your notes. The same reed length principles of sound and air apply to goose calls as they do duck calls.


Can I order a call in a color other than what's listed in your shop? We can accommodate most custom color requests if we have the requested color acrylic in stock, there might be a slight up-charge to have your custom color turned, but contact us first and we'll do our best to get you fixed up.​ 


Are you taking applications for Pro Staffers? Currently we are not taking any new applications for our promotional staff. Keep an eye on our website for future updates.​ 


How do I become an authorized dealer for Goey Calls? We have dealer opportunities in many locations across the United States, and offer competitive wholesale pricing to dealers. For more information contact us and we'll get your first order out the door faster than you can sling steel at a cupped up honker.

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