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Swamp Laundry

Swamp Laundry

EVERYTHING!! That word best describes what this call allows you to do as a duck caller.  At Goey Calls we were on a mission to design a duck call that is extremely versatile and easy to use.  After months of machining and field testing we came up this The Swamp Laundry.  Make no doubt about it this call can do it all, from the soft, sweet, nasally sounds of a content mallard to the loud and raspy sounds of an old bossy hen.  The unique toneboard/reed design of this call will keep this call running in all conditions.  From the first quack at an approaching flock until the moment you have the ducks landing in the decoys, this call will not quit.  Alike all Goey Calls, we have threaded the barrel and insert. 
  • Details

    Double reed acrylic mallard duck call.
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