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"Big things come in small packages." This couldn't be more true when describing the trainwreck. At roughly half the size of a standard short reed goose call, the Trainwreck packs a punch filled with the sickest notes ever made on a goose call.  If you are an experienced caller looking to take your calling to the next level, the Trainwreck will take you there. From honks, clucks, and moans, to spit notes, quick spits, and trains, the sounds you will make out of this call are endless. The Trainwreck is naturally higher in pitch but by closing up your hands on the call, you can achieve the low end murmurs and feeding moans of the canada goose. Alike all Goey Calls, the Trainwrecks barrel and insert thread together to assure that one half of this call will not be lost in the field.
  • Details

    Acrylic Canada Goose call
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